The Scan Dimension SOL 3D Scanner can create a 3D file for a small object which can then be 3D printed. Items must be between 1 inch and 6.7 inches in all directions (length, width, and height), with a maximum weight of 4.4 pounds. 

Scans typically take 20-30 minutes each and most items will take 1-3 scans. For best results, the item should not be translucent, transparent, or black, and should sit stably in at least one position (two or more for multiple scans). 

There is no cost to use the scanner. 

And for even more 3D fun, try becoming a human 3D printer with a 3D Pen! 3D Pens extrude plastic that hardens quickly, so your design evolves instantaneously. Try using stencils to draw out flat parts of a design and then assemble them into a 3D object. Or, for a challenge, you can even try drawing in mid-air! The cost for using the 3D pens is based on the weight of the final product: 10 cents per gram. 

Boone Innovation Lab Details

Located inside the Hebron Branch, the Lab is a place to create, learn, and preserve memories. You can reserve equipment in the Lab, but always call in advance to make certain it’s open. The Library reserves the right to close the Lab on short notice. Hours vary according to staff availability. Appointments are required. For more information, visit BIL.

Boone Innovation Lab Equipment

DSLR Camera
green screen
microphones with POP filter
photo cube light set-up
media conversion station

sewing machine
quilting machine
embroidery machine

Creator Group
3D printer
poster printer

iMac with Adobe Creative Suite
Wacom tablet

Boone Innovation Lab Spotlights



Large Format Printer

Media Conversion Station

3D Printing