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Come Play With Us!

Approaching strangers is hard. Approaching strangers and asking them to play a role-playing game online with you can seem even harder. You’ve heard or watched people have a blast playing these games, but you just can’t seem to pull a group together. We are here for you, friend! Every month at the library, we play exciting, fun, and, sometimes, weird games! Whether you are a teen wanting to make new friends while you try to stake a vampire or an adult who wants to know if cats riding bats is really as amazing as you think it is — we’ve got you covered.

Dungeons and Dragons

Last time in the land of Barovia: Where we last left our teenage adventurers they finally found the basement of a nearly empty house, its inhabitants seemingly being all ghosts and haunted suits of armor. There they uncovered the dastardly secret of the house — the baby the party spent so much time searching for had turned into a monster! Thankfully, they remembered the lullaby and finally rescued the baby, Walter. Once they escaped the house, Casmir, our wizard friend played by a library staff member, revealed himself to be the evil vampire Strahd! Casmir, as Strahd, flew away laughing as the party was powerless to stop him.

Now our story is past its prologue and ready for other misfortunate adventurers to fall prey in the misty lands of Barovia, where witches kidnap children to bake them into pies and where you will never see the light of day again! We are level 3 and have room for more players to join. We meet on Discord on the second and fourth Friday every month from 5 PM to 7:30 PM. Please arrive 30 minutes early if you need help making a new character. Follow this link to register today!

Old School Gamers of Florence 

Last time on the Barbarians of the Ruined Earth: Continuing through the underground passages beneath the ruined fortress, Colby, Rath, and Gorgonzola are confronted by the frequent sight of SCIENCE gone wrong: strange amalgamations of body parts and plants. Colby is mutated twice while attempting to use a device guarded by two skeletons with flame throwers. The group bows before the aerial supremacy of cats riding bats. Colby is killed by a four-headed scientist hydra only to return back to life as a cyborg only to have his remaining human flesh stripped off by the baleful gaze of a basilisk.

Barbarians of the Ruined Earth is a quick and easy rules-lite post-apocalyptic heroic fantasy game by Mike Evans that is based on the awesome The Black Hack rules by David Black and is inspired by the animated series Thundarr the Barbarian, Mad Max, He-Man, and other sources.

Barbarians of the Ruined Earth continues In Search of the Unknown on the third Saturday of each month from 1-4pm. If this sounds like your kind of mayhem, register here for March 20th.

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