While the official Shark Week (July 11th – 18th) has come to an end, you can still find us celebrating at the Florence Branch!

Do we just love sharks that much? Do we keep the celebration of Shark Week in our hearts all year long?  Well, yes. Yes, we do. But that isn’t what I want to talk about today! 

This July we started a brand-new program we’re calling Storytime-to-Go and our very first theme has been (you guessed it!) sharks.  These Storytime-to-Go displays have books to check out, and crafts and activities that you can take home with you. It’s the cool things you might see at a storytime, all set up for you! We’re very excited about it! 

Here, I’ll walk you through our Shark Week Display:

There are a total of three crafts for kids of different age levels. There are directions for a STEM activity to try at home, and there’s a shark bookmark, or “shark-mark,” if you will, for you to take with you! Not to mention lots of different kinds of books about sharks!

Unlike some of the other Take-and-Make activities, you do not have to register online. We’re just refilling the kits as they run out. This means that if we do happen to be out of something you’d been really excited about, chances are very likely they’ll be back in stock soon! (Just tell the staff that Emily needs to get her googly eyes and glitter glue back out!) 

We’re going to be creating Storytime-to-Go displays like this once a month, so come on over to the Florence Branch to catch the last week of sharks, or come in each month to see what new adventures we have in store! I won’t tell you what the next theme is, but I will say that when you see our August display, you’re going to be flying over to pick up your Storytime-to-Go!

Hope to see you there!

Emily Embry is a Youth Services Associate at the Florence Branch. She can most usually be found covered in paint and glitter, reading fantasy and sci-fi, giggling at the new children’s books, and having strong opinions about comic book characters.