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Kick-start 2022 with our Healthy Living Programs

Let’s make 2022 a year of physical activity and staying healthy! BCPL has a variety of resources to improve your physical fitness routine. Several Healthy Living Programs are being offered during January at BCPL.  

Healthy Living Programs

Making Healthy Choices

Discover healthy eating tips using MyPlate through the monthly cooking series presented by the Boone County Extension Office. 

Dismantling Diet Culture

Join licensed clinical social worker, Nichole Spjut, and registered dietician, Kayla Schepel, as they teach you how to identify and challenge diet culture, shift your mindset to body acceptance, and understand Intuitive Eating. Learn how to focus on health behaviors rather than weight and body size, and to understand how our relationship with food and our body impacts our mental health and wellbeing. Please register.

Aromatherapy: Essential for Health

Learn about the seventeen common essential oils through a hands-on lab session. Make your own cream from one of several formulas provided. $5 materials fee. Please register. 

Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body

Find ways to age as well as possible. The Alzheimer’s Association explores 4 areas of lifestyle habits that are associated with healthy aging including: cognitive activity, physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, and social engagement. Learn about current research and steps you can take now to improve or maintain overall health in each area. 

Visit our events page to register and check back each month for additional fitness classes.

Be sure to check out the Fitness Programs at BCPL as well as the many Library Resources to pass the time while working out.

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