Have you always wanted to learn another language, but didn’t know where to get started? Try Mango, the free language learning platform available on any device through the Library’s website.

To begin, grab your library card and head to bcpl.org/digital and click on the Mango Languages title. You can then create a free account using your library card to track your progress or sign in as Guest to take a quick lesson. Next, you’ll choose from over the 70 languages that Mango has to offer. Options include Spanish, French, German, Chinese, American Sign Language, and so much more!

Once you’ve selected a language, your lessons will begin! Mango breaks down the learning structure into chapters, allowing you to go step by step. Within each chapter, there are lessons that focus on conversation and grammar. As you start a new lesson, Mango will show you the conversational goals you’ll be working toward. With each lesson-step, you’ll be given the building blocks of the language and little by little you’ll start to form a strong linguistic foundation. As you move through your lessons, Mango also offers Grammar Notes which will help you understand the more technical ins and outs of a language, as well as Cultural Notes to give insights on it’s more subtle usage.

Once you complete a lesson, you’ll have the option to repeat it, in case you need a second round, or move on to the next lesson. As you continue, you will build your skill and will be one step closer to speaking a new language!

Written by Emily Sexton,
Public Relations Specialist