Measurement Rules is now open at Boone County Public Library, 1786 Burlington Pike in Burlington, KY through August 28.

How many chickens do you weigh? How tall are you in apples or inches or pennies? Can you use your foot as a ruler?  The answers to these and other questions can be explored at Measurement Rules, an interactive exhibit at Boone County Public Library through August 28.

It might be common to measure using standard tools such as measuring tapes and vessels, but the Measurement Rules exhibit will explore some nonstandard ways such as balancing scales, odometers, calipers, 3D imaging and counting “Mississippis”. 

Measurement Rules was created by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. “We’ve designed this exhibit to enable kids to work together and become more confident in the language of measurement,” explains Ann Fullenkamp, Director of Design.

You can explore concepts of length, time, volume and weight in a variety of ways including a Height Wall, Ball Stopwatch, See Your Volume, Chicken Scale and more! Stop by the Children’s area at the Main Library to pick up a checklist. After you complete everything on the checklist, bring it to the desk and receive a prize!

Watch the Measurement Rules video

Happy Measuring!!!

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