My name is E.B Henderson- like E.B White- and I am very new to BCPL. I’ve only been working here for about a month! In the time I’ve spent at Scheben Youth Services, I’ve fallen in love with the “come as you are” culture, the sweet and quirky people I work with- all of whom have a special talent for making my days brighter- and the freedom to build on the skills that I had before my time here. It is a great feeling to come into work each day and be met with smiles, jokes, children and families having fun and learning together, and an all-around happy and bright environment. It does a soul good.

I grew up bouncing all around the fine state of Kentucky as a foster child and spent several years in a group home in Mt. Sterling. My favorite place to stay was in Morehead, though- the stars and mountains are beautiful there, and nothing like the cities I was used to. I spent a while living on base in Ft. Knox as a part of a military school program, too, where I got my GED three years early and fell in love with a decommissioned pair of parade boots. I enjoyed my time there, and I even got to create a mural for the lobby of their main building that is still standing today. During my stay in Ft. Knox, I also got the opportunity to volunteer in the local animal shelter and became very attached to an elderly Pekingese named “Taz”. I reminisce on my time with him fondly.

All of my life I have had a soft spot for animals, and it has never mattered what kind. Currently, though, I harbor three cats: Mr. Thumbs, Disco Stu, and Becky. I have also named all of the spiders living around our home and my favorite of our bugs is the jumping spider who I’ve deemed “TV’s Frank”, who lives in our shower and eats the fruit flies that make their way into the building.

I have been a legal adult since the age of 16, doing my own taxes and working whatever retail or customer service job I could get my hands on to support myself. Growing up so fast can really make or break a person and, as far as I know, it helped me develop a very strong sense of self and a deep, welling passion for pop culture that I used to use as an escape from reality. Now, though, it just makes me a prime trivia partner.

Before working here, my career path was a hard-left turn from that of a circulation assistant. I went to school for mortuary sciences, and I also went to an art school. I had plans to be a death doula and practice end-of-life care and home funerals, but the pandemic made me reevaluate my choices and I ultimately decided that the line of work I was about to go into would not be the most fulfilling for me.

I am an avid lover of whimsy and weird in my personal life. My belief and love for fairy tales borders on delusion at times, but I am a firm believer in the idea that there is magic all around us, and it is up to us to look at life as an adventure and never let our inner child disappear- life should be FUN, even during the times it really isn’t. 

I like to paint watercolor portraits of changelings, mount and articulate moths, and small animals (all ethically sourced, of course), and look for hag stones in local creeks in my spare time. If I’m not in the middle of a macabre creative pursuit or hiking up the side of some mountain, you can catch me singing karaoke at Rosie’s, The Birdcage, or Main Event- even when it’s not karaoke night (The world is my stage and I cannot be stopped!).

My friends would describe me as “sincere”, “intense”, “charismatic”, “obsessed with The Muppets”, and “an unending well of semi-useless information” (all fair and true). I love to learn about anything and everything I can get my hands on, from the mythology of Ancient Egypt to building hydroponic planters; the etymology of phrases we use every day, the psychology of Jim Jones, the history of bagels- I mean everything. Naturally, my favorite books tend to be non-fiction. I find that the world around me is such a fascinating place that there’s no one specific starting point for someone interested in broadening their knowledge and that my own curiosity can never be satiated. But the library is a great place to begin, and I am happy to be here.