“How you doin’?” My name is Lauren Bosshammer and I work at the Scheben Branch of BCPL. I started as a Page just over two years ago before becoming a Youth Services Associate . Unlike a lot of others, I did not know what I wanted to do career-wise for a long time. I went to Johnson Bible College in Knoxville for 2 years when I met and married my husband Jeremy, thus obtaining what the students all jokingly referred to as an “MRS degree”. We lived in southern Ohio for almost 10 years involved in ministry, but our lives changed in 2018 and we moved to Kentucky to be near family.

I grew up in northern Ohio but visited the Florence area often in my adult years. I tell people freely now that although I was born an Ohioan, I really believe I was made for Kentucky. I truly love it here. I always admired the Main Library (with more than a little jealousy- our library at the time did not have a great selection) whenever we drove by, so naturally, when we moved, it was one of my first stops. Literally. I think my first day I totally ignored my stack of boxes to unpack because I decided on day one it was only going to be about things that gave me joy, so I hit up the Main Library and the Florence Aldi. You know, the important stuff.

My boys were getting to be old enough that I was starting to think about finding a part-time job somewhere. I paged in high school and really enjoyed it. The day I came to get my library card at the Scheben Branch sealed the deal- I had such a pleasant interaction with John Purdy and the circulation staff that I left the building thinking, “Someday, I will work here.” Wouldn’t you know it, a few page spots opened up right as my youngest was entering preschool. The rest, as they say, is history! Now they all have to deal with me three days a week! Mwahaha.

Easily, my favorite thing about BCPL is the staff. My fellow Schebenites in particular are just an outstanding group of human beings. And I am fortunate enough that I also get to work with my best buddy, Michelle! I love the people I work with, I love what I do, and sometimes I get paid to draw with chalk. How many people can say that?

The move to Youth Services was somewhat based on the prodding of those working in the department but it made a lot of sense, too. I love to be crafty, and I get to fuse that passion into my work. I have dabbled a bit in pretty much every craft medium there is, but knitting is by far my favorite.

When I’m not working, I love to play games and relax. Playing cooperative adventure board games with my main squeeze is my new favorite but I also frequently make time for knitting, card games, creating puns, reading, video games (Zelda is my fav), doing puzzles, and watching Friends or Gilmore Girls reruns. 

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