Susan Sitz has been with BCPL for 13 years! She is currently a Youth Services Associate at the Main Library, but has worked at Lents and Walton in the past. When asked her favorite thing about BCPL, Susan says storytime because she loves interacting with and watching the children grow.

Susan is originally from Hebron where she grew up on 10 acres of land, running in the woods, climbing trees, and swimming in the pond. She grew up with her mother, father, and older sister in a house her father and grandfather designed and built themselves. She graduated from Conner High School, and went to Murray State University where she met her future husband Jonathan. They dated their sophomore year, but eventually went separate ways. It was years before they spoke again.

Susan transferred from Murray to NKU to complete her degree in Secondary English Education. She began to teach at Simon Kenton High School for a year before moving to Louisville. She then discovered that Jonathan lived there as well, and they have been together ever since! While in Louisville, Susan began serving and bartending as she had done during college before finally coming back to NKY.

Susan is now back in Hebron and has been for about four years. She lives with her husband, Jonathan and daughter, Sterling. They have two dogs—Cooper who is three years old and a fresh-to-the-family puppy, Clark, who is only 14 weeks old!
The Sitz family also fosters for Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue. They picked up their 41st foster this month! They mostly take litters of puppies, but also foster adult dogs when needed. Susan says, “It is occasionally terrifying, sometimes sad, but ultimately incredibly wonderful and rewarding.”

In her spare time, Susan likes to spend time with her family, garden, swim, hike, camp—really anything to do with nature. She loves crafting and can sew, crochet, make jewelry and a ton more. She does a few craft shows here and there and even has an Etsy shop called Yarnwood, Ky. Check it out!