As the Branch Manager at the Hebron Branch, I feel grateful that I can witness the power of stories, the power of books, every day here at Boone County Public Library.

I was lucky enough to have access to libraries growing up, and I always enjoyed reading. My favorite series as a child was the Choose Your Own Adventure series. Any 80s kids out there remember those? Books give us a chance to escape to different worlds, live different lives and learn something new. I loved that growing up and still do as an adult.

When people find out I am a librarian, I always get the same questions. Aren’t books going away? Do people read anymore? I see proof every day that people of all ages are still loving physical books. Children happily run to find a book. Teens ask for hardcover books because they like the feel of the pages in their hands. Adults grab books to learn a new hobby, try new recipes or just to be entertained. 

I am so passionate about libraries. Their sole mission is to serve the community. On a daily basis, librarians think about and discuss what we can do better or what we can do next for our communities. Libraries are a place where everyone can discover, explore and experience, and I love being a part of that mission.

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Meet the BCPL Board of Trustees

Barbara Hill – President

Dr. Eric Jackson – Vice President

Chris Lange – Treasurer

Don Trame – Board

Emily Myers – Board (coming soon)

Meet the BCPL Executive Director

Carrie Herrmann – Executive Director

Meet the BCPL Directors 

Jennifer Timmerman – Youth Services and Outreach Director

Bridget Striker – Boone County Borderlands Archive and History Center at Boone County Public Library

Sherri Slavey – Human Resources

Jeff West – Facilities

Samantha Sizemore – Business Services Director

Michael Savarino – Information Technology Director

Jennifer Cheek – Public Relations and Marketing Director

Dawna Bach – Public Service Director

Meet the BCPL Branch Managers 

Melissa Fulton – Branch Manager, Main Library

Amy Foster – Branch Manager, Scheben Branch

Angela Grandstaff – Branch Manager, Hebron Branch

Erin Rhoades – Branch Manager, Florence Branch

Sharon Franklin – Branch Manager, Walton Branch