Originally from mid-Ohio, I made my move to Florence, Kentucky in October 2022 to work at BCPL’s Florence Branch. Florence is a unique community and I enjoy the wide variety of questions that come through the door every day. From an early age, I have been passionate about books, information, and the sharing of personal experience and stories between people. I seek to support library staff, the local community and the people around me both inside and outside of the library. 

I volunteered at my high school library when I was a sophomore. While attending Ohio State University at Marion, I was once again working in a library, and found my path to getting my Master’s Degree in Library Science. Before moving to Kentucky, I was working at my hometown library – a library I visited often when I was growing up! Although it was bittersweet saying goodbye to Ohio, I have found new friends, experiences, and great food since moving!

Along with libraries, I have a deep passion for art, nature, the environment, and animals. On nice days you will find me roaming about outside at different parks and walking paths with my partner and my 2 dogs, or exploring local food joints and attractions. As I continue to get more settled in Boone County, I hope to become more involved with the community and the people who live here. With such a rich history and so many things to do nearby, I have a lot of exploring and learning in my future! As I experience more, I hope to assist in identifying ways the Library can respond to the needs and wants of the community. 

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