My name is Sharon Franklin and I am the Branch Manager at the Walton Branch. I was raised in Northwest Ohio, in the country, about 20 minutes from the nearest library. Because this was the 50’s we were rather isolated, went to town once a week for groceries, piano lessons, catechism and the library visit. At that time, the limit on books was 5 per person. I would have one read by the time we got back home and that really irritated my mother. I think she wanted me to space them out so they would last until next Saturday. 

As I got older and the books got longer, my addiction got worse. And there is no cure in sight! I started paging in the children’s department of my county library when I was 15. I graduated from Wittenberg University with my Bachelor’s in English, University of Denver with my library degree and began working at the new medical school library in Duluth, Minnesota. There were 2 employees – the Director and me. When I relocated to Toledo I worked in bookstores for about 10 years. I returned to libraries about 20 years ago and have since been with BCPL. 

My favorite thing about the Walton Branch is being so connected to the community. Sometimes I wish we had more space, more books, more everything, but the best part will always be my co-workers throughout the system and the residents we get to know and serve. 

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Meet the BCPL Board of Trustees

Barbara Hill – President

Dr. Eric Jackson – Vice President

Chris Lange – Treasurer

Don Trame – Board

Emily Myers – Board (coming soon)

Meet the BCPL Executive Director

Carrie Herrmann – Executive Director

Meet the BCPL Directors 

Jennifer Timmerman – Youth Services and Outreach Director

Bridget Striker – Boone County Borderlands Archive and History Center at Boone County Public Library

Sherri Slavey – Human Resources

Jeff West – Facilities

Samantha Sizemore – Business Services Director

Michael Savarino – Information Technology Director

Jennifer Cheek – Public Relations and Marketing Director

Dawna Bach – Public Service Director

Meet the BCPL Branch Managers 

Melissa Fulton – Branch Manager, Main Library

Amy Foster – Branch Manager, Scheben Branch

Angela Grandstaff – Branch Manager, Hebron Branch

Erin Rhoades – Branch Manager, Florence Branch

Sharon Franklin – Branch Manager, Walton Branch