I started my career in Maintenance/Facilities in 1984 after graduating high school. During my 38 years in the field, I have honed my skills in all areas of the industry including, but not limited to, welding, pipe fitting, schematics, control wiring, plumbing, HazMat, CPR, HVAC, forklift, aerial lift, boiler, packaging equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, and more. I recently received my Facilities Management Professional certification (FMP) and now working on my Sustainability Management Professional certification.

I joined BCPL as the Facilities Director in 2018, supervising the maintenance of all BCPL facilities including not only the buildings but their property as well. My latest project is sitting on the committee for the new Walton Branch and overseeing all aspects of the building plans.

Prior to joining BCPL, I was not up to date on everything the Library offers to our community. I even wondered who still uses a library with all the technology available. After my first week, I was amazed by the services provided and what they do for the community. Most impressive is the structure of departments and the vital role that each play in the success of BCPL.

During my time away from BCPL, I am a car enthusiast and enter my car in shows from Cincinnati to Tennessee. My wife and I have 2 daughters and a son, 8 grandchildren ranging from 24 – 3, and 1 great-grandson that is age 2.

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Meet the BCPL Board of Trustees

Barbara Hill – President

Dr. Eric Jackson – Vice President

Kate McClain – Secretary

Chris Lange – Treasurer

Don Trame – Board

Meet the BCPL Executive DirectorCarrie Herrmann – Executive Director

Meet the BCPL Directors 

Jennifer Timmerman – Youth Services and Outreach Director

Bridget Striker – Boone County Borderlands Archive and History Center at Boone County Public Library

Sherri Slavey – Human Resources

Jeff West – Facilities

Samantha Sizemore (coming in November)

Jennifer Gregory (coming in December)

Michael Salvarino – IT (coming in January 2023)

Jennifer Cheek – Public Relations and Marketing (coming in February 2023)

Dawna Bach – Public Services (coming in March 2023)