Keeping up with new releases is a sure way to finding your next great read, and Books+ can help! But why the plus after Books? The plus represents more to do on this page than just discover new releases.

Upcoming and New Releases

Books+ has two sections featuring fiction and non-fiction titles for adults. Click the image of the book to read a summary and then put the book on hold using your BCPL library card. Once the title is in circulation, the requests will be fulfilled in order of holds. For more new book and DVD options, use the filtered list available through our catalog. The Hot Authors List will allow you to choose your favorite popular authors and automatically be placed on the holds list once the titles arrive.

Featured Titles

A rotating collection of titles based on a subject, author, or category is also available on Books+. Check out the page each month to see what’s new!

Book Groups and Book Kits

BCPL offers a variety of book groups covering multiple genres. To learn more about the book groups, visit Books+ and scroll down to the gray box. If you have your own book group or are thinking about starting one, scroll to Book Kits Overview on the Books+ page to learn more about the kits and available titles.

Titles Not in BCPL’s Collection

If you are interested in materials that are not available in our collection, visit Books+ and select one of the following options:

  1. Recommend a Purchase: Complete the form recommending that a title be added to our collection. If the title is purchased, a hold will be placed under your library card account for the physical item. If the digital version is purchased, you will be notified through Kentucky Libraries Unbound when it is available for check out.
  2. Interlibrary Loan (ILL): With a valid Boone County Public Library card, items can be borrowed from other participating libraries. This is especially useful if it is an older or uncommon item. To learn more about ILL, check out the ILL blog post.

Next time you’re looking for something new to read or watch, visit Books+!