Father’s Day is around the corner and to celebrate BCPL staff has chosen a few of their favorite dads/father figures in literature!

Sirius Black | Harry Potter Series

“One of my favorite parts of the series is when Sirius signs Harry’s permission slip to go to Hogsmeade. I tear up just thinking about it. You knew that his character wanted Harry to be happy and was absolutely honored to be his godfather. “

-Emily S.

Jamie Fraser | Outlander Series

“Although he wasn’t there for Brianna when she was little (time travel and all) he is there for her as soon as he meets her. He also adopts a stray French boy whom he names Fergus Fraser, and overall is a great leader and father figure to everyone around him.  “

-Lia s.

Charlie Swan
Twilight Series

“Not only is he a protective but still loving and accepting parent, but he has a mustache that puts all other fathers to shame.”

-Mikayla S.

Atticus Finch
To Kill a Mockingbird

“He was not only a single parent but also a really good one. He raised his two kids to be good and was overall just a healthy parent. He was also a really good lawyer and an amazing character.”

– Margaret S.

Maverick Carter
Concrete Rose and The Hate U Give

“After reading both books, I felt like I got a better picture of who he was. He took care of his first child as a teenager, basically as a single father, for a while and later provided for his family and became a role model in his neighborhood.”

-Kelsey S.

Carlisle Cullen
Twilight Series

“He took in all those young people and saved their lives.  He was also compassionate towards the living.”

-Alice M.