Reading comprehension can be difficult to learn and a challenge to teach.  BCPL has a few suggestions that might help.

Reading Together

Reading with your child is important for the development of reading skills, but it can be especially helpful when trying to improve reading comprehension. Reading a book together allows you to help define words your child may not know and ask questions about the story. You can pick books out together at the library, ask for recommendations from your friendly BCPL librarians, or request a Book Bundle!

If English is your second language, you can read a book in your native language with your child. BCPL has children’s books available in Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Try these resources for examples of questions to ask to ask your child when reading together:

Stamford Public Schools: Helping Your Child with Reading

Scholastic: 7 Important Questions to Ask Your Child During Story Time

Scholastic: 5 NEW Questions to Ask Kids About Books


Check out our variety of Wonderbooks

A Wonderbook is a physical book with the story pre-recorded on an attached device.  Children press play and the story is read to them as they follow along in the book. You can activate Learning Mode on the device and children will be asked questions about the book they just read.  Similar to asking questions when reading aloud together, this is perfect for when a child may need to read on their own. The questions will help them think about the story they just listened to. And Learning Mode teaches parents what type of questions to ask their children when reading with them. Wonderbooks come as picture books, beginning readers, nonfiction, and chapter books. Click HERE to view our Wonderbooks.

Virtual Homework Help

Virtual: Homework Help at the Florence Branch

The Florence Branch offers Virtual Homework Help sessions that can be used for reading practice. This means that a student can read with a library staff member or teen volunteer (virtually), and work on reading comprehension questions. Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 3-5 p.m. Fill out the form to schedule your 30 minute appointment.

Additional resources

For more information and ways to help your child with reading comprehension, check out the following articles:

Reading Rockets: Comprehension – I like this resource because it has examples of what children with reading comprehension difficulties look like to the parent and the child, and offers examples of ways to help.

Scholastic: Understanding Reading Comprehension – While this article is targeted towards teachers, it discusses the types of strategies that readers use, which could help you pinpoint what you may need to focus on with your child.

Pamela Jayne is a Youth Services Librarian at the Florence Branch. Recently, several teens told her that she is cool and hip and is taking that at face value. She is not very good at using the 3D pens, so she is very proud of the glasses she recently made, and will share the photo of her wearing them over her real glasses whenever she can.