Treat yourself to a staycation!  Have some local fun by taking a trip around Boone County.  BCPL has created a scavenger hunt to help you discover little hidden gems around the county.  Learn our history, discover a new hobby or become one with nature!

Several stops on the hunt are probably places that you visit from time to time.  If you visit Boone County Parks, you are likely familiar with the walking trail at Walton Community Park or the Children’s Garden at Central Park, but have you ever found Snoopy located in England Idlewild Dog Park? If you stop by, look around for him. We promise he’s there!

Fancy some history and animal exploration? Big Bone Lick is a great place to stop on your hunt! Did you know the fossilized remains of mastodons, wooly mammoths, and ground sloths were discovered at Big Bone Lick State Park in 1739? The bison herds are a reminder of the park’s prehistoric past. All of this information and more can be found at the park’s on-site museum. BCPL employee, Emily Cornett, explored Big Bone Lick State Park with her two little ones recently!

This jockey is just begging for a fist bump! Find him at Tousey House Tavern in historical Burlington. And while there, cross off another item on the scavenger hunt list, Hogan House! There is so much to explore in this historical area.
This is just a start. Check out our scavenger hunt for more discoveries!  Take pictures of your hunt and share with us on social media by tagging Boone County Public Library and using the hashtag #CheckOutBCPL. If your account is private, feel free to send us a private message with your photos. We may even feature them on our social media accounts!
Here is a MAP if you need some help.
Are there any hidden gems you would add to the next scavenger hunt?
Happy Summer!