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Kick-start 2022 with our Fitness Programs!

Let’s make 2022 a year of physical activity and staying healthy! BCPL has a variety  of resources to improve your physical fitness routine. Several Fitness Programs are being offered during January at BCPL.  


Try-Fit is a 60-minute class based around functional movements you can do in everyday life. We’ll take you through a guided introduction to movements such as squats, presses and pulls while ensuring a safe, fun and sweaty time. Get your heart rate up while learning about the different ways we can use everyday objects around the house to get in a great workout. Please register.


Now is your chance to try a barre class! Find ways to sculpt and tone several of your major muscle groups while listening to fun, upbeat music! Bring an exercise map if you have one.  Please register.


Perfect for everybody and every body! Each Zumba class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Please register.

Laughter Yoga

Learn how to generate intentional laughter that can turn into real and contagious laughter in this modern exercise. Bring a yoga mat. Please register. 

SWET DanceFit

SWET DanceFit is a nonstop, 50-minute, medium to high energy cardio dance class that combines various dance styles and an international mix of Top 40 hits. $5 per person.

Experience T’ai Chi

Master Greg Fahey, a 6th Degree Black Belt, will teach an easy course in the gentle and low impact martial art.

Yoga for Healthy Weight, Fun and Flexible Yoga, Mindful Movement Yoga

Bring a yoga mat. $30 monthly fee. Register at or call at 859-334-2117.

Visit our events page to register and check back each month for additional fitness classes.

Be sure to check out the Healthy Living Programs at BCPL as well as the many Library Resources to pass the time while working out.

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