Thanksgiving marks the official start of the holiday season, though according to most retail stores we’ve been in the throes of the holidays since August. Thanksgiving may sometimes get lost in the shuffle between Halloween and all of the winter holidays, but one of the strongest themes that stays alive throughout the entire season (and hopefully all year long) is the idea of gratitude. 

Friends, family and pets (who are basically family) are major sources of gratitude for many people. Taylor R., Youth Service Associate, is appreciative for the days she gets to watch her two-year-old nephew. “Each time is an adventure and we both learn something new!” Lauren B., Youth Services Circulation Assistant, “is grateful to be able to again gather with friends and loved ones. I had no idea just how important being together truly was until we weren’t able to gather anymore.” Adrianna W., Youth Service Associate, is thankful to have supportive friends and family in her life. She is also grateful because at the end of November, it will have been one year since she adopted her sweet cat who has helped her so much in life.

Faith in a higher power is something several of our staff are grateful for. Hanna A., Page, is grateful for “the grace of God and the protection He’s given my family and I through these rough couple years.” Nicole J., Circulation Assistant, is appreciative for the trials in life that increase her faith. She says, “So often, it’s easy to look at a hardship as a negative. I have chosen to view these times as an opportunity to see the blessings that come with the trials.” Jenn R., Page, is also “grateful to God who brought me into such a great family. I can’t imagine life without them. I am grateful for my new puppy, Maizie, who never gives a dull moment.”

We have so many things to be thankful for. Ginger S., Early Literacy Specialist, is “thankful for our excellent Library and Parks Department here in Boone County.  They are great places to stimulate our mental and physical health.” Linda, Circulation Assistant, says “I am thankful for so many things, but recently I’ve been especially grateful for random acts of kindness!  Not only towards me (while those are certainly appreciated), but also when I witness a kind exchange between others or when I can show kindness to someone else!” Gelene M., Circulation Assistant, is grateful to live in this country and have the life that she has. Dana O., Public Service Associate, is thankful for fall weather, the orange, yellows and reds of the turning leaves, the health of her family and the upcoming holiday to spend time with her grandchildren.” Jessica, Public Service Associate, is grateful for so much including her job, cooler weather and beautiful leaves, two new daughters-in-laws, quiet mornings to read and drink a latte, new friends, the ability to connect with far away friends, many grocery store options, and most of all, an amazing husband of 30 years.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year. We have downtime to spend with loved ones, eat great food and reflect on the best parts of our lives. We here at BCPL are all very grateful for you, the public that we get to see every day. We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season!