Discover the HQ (Handi Quilter) Simply Sixteen Longarm Quilting Machine, paired with the HQ Little Foot Frame™ system. This powerful machine offers a practical quilting solution while being functional and providing smooth stitching. The machine operates with free-hand motion, granting you complete control over every movement and design. It comes equipped with a stitch moderator, allowing the speed of your movements to dictate the stitching speed. Quilters of all skill levels can effortlessly complete quilts of various sizes. 

Schedule an appointment at the Hebron BIL. Bring thread and your finished quilt top, basted or pinned onto your batting and backing. Purchase a needle and bobbin from the BIL; needles are $.75 and bobbins are $4 (prices may be subject to change). Attach a 6-8 inch leader to both the top and bottom to allow for clamping the quilt in place and ensure optimal stitching coverage across all corners of your quilt. Our team will be available to answer questions. 

Important reminders: 

  • Spray baste is prohibited as it can damage the machine. 
  • Variegated and metallic threads are incompatible with the machine. 
  • Larger projects may require multiple appointments. Appointments are a maximum of 2 hours per person, per day. 

Boone Innovation Lab Details

Located at the Main Library in Burlington and the Hebron Branch in Hebron, the BIL is a place to create, learn, and preserve memories. For more information or to reserve equipment visit Boone Innovation Lab. Appointments are required.

Boone Innovation Lab Equipment

green screen (Hebron)
microphones with POP filter (Hebron)
photo cube light set-up (Hebron)
media conversion station (Main)

sewing machine (Hebron)
quilting machine (Hebron)
embroidery machine (Hebron)
serger (Hebron)

Creator Group
3D printer (Main and Hebron)
Cricut (Main and Hebron)
3D scanner and 3D pens (coming soon)
laser cutter (Main and Hebron)
poster printer (Hebron) sublimation printer (Main) heat press (Main)

iMac with Adobe Creative Suite (coming soon)
Wacom tablet (Hebron)

Boone Innovation Lab Spotlights


Large Format Printer

Media Conversion Station

3D Printing

3D Scanners and Pens (coming soon)


Sublimation Printer