Establishing a new Strategic Plan has been a top priority at BCPL most recently. The last Strategic Plan was scheduled to end in 2020, but the Library Board chose to extend the plan to see what Boone County looked like coming out of the pandemic. Over a six-month period, we asked a series of questions to both the community (Boone County residents) and Library staff. Based on the feedback we received, our vision changed, and for the first time, BCPL added a Purpose Statement to our service philosophy. 

VISION: The Boone County Public Library Board of Trustees envisions a Library that provides learning opportunities for the community to be empowered and to enrich lives. 

PURPOSE: To provide our community with continuing access to opportunities for learning, growth, and empowerment. 

Built on community guidance, key areas of impact for BCPL include Youth and Family Learning, Technology and Access, Re-Imagining Spaces, Boone County Culture and History, and Community Engagement. The Library’s Strategic Plan is based on the following three strategic directions: Services, Spaces and Staff. The plan will launch in January 2023 and run through December 2026. 

BCPL will focus on delivering core Library services to meet the needs of the community and individuals on a daily basis with an equitable approach. Library services include providing a diverse collection, compelling educational, civic, and cultural programs, technology resources, and a wide range of literacy activities. 

BCPL will provide flexible gathering spaces that are both indoor and outdoor, physical and virtual, welcoming and comfortable, and bring the community together for shared experiences. These spaces must be adaptable to meet the changing needs of the community. Much of the work around this strategic direction focuses on supporting the Facilities Master Plan

The most valuable resource to BCPL is the staff. Dedicated and engaged staff that are committed to BCPL’s vision, mission, and purpose are key to successful implementation of the strategic initiatives. Staff will be encouraged to be innovative, creative, and engaged. 

Finishing touches are being added to the Strategic Plan and the plan will appear at upon its completion.