An International Library Mystery!
Our staff found a book in our book drop last week from a library across the ocean in Dudley, England! We contacted their local library, Dudley Libraries, to ask them if they were missing the book and here was their response: 

Dudley Libraries, England

“Hello from Dudley!
It is indeed one of our books which was added to our system in 2009 and was marked as lost long ago.
Would you be able to take a photo of the book with your Library building in the background?  I’d like to tweet/post about how far a library book has travelled!
Or any other interesting photos would be gratefully received.
Kind regards,
Development Librarian: Digital Services
Kind regards,
Development Librarian:Digital Services”
Here is the picture of the British book in front of the Main Library in Burlington:

We googled the mileage from Dudley to Burlington, Kentucky – 3,862 miles!
Help us solve this mystery! Who put the book in our book drop and what’s its story?