As the holiday season quickly approaches, making decisions on what gifts to buy for friends and family can be tough! As you shop for those bigger ticket items, make sure to do your research with the Consumer Reports Buying Guide to find the best quality brand for the best price. 

The Consumer Reports Buying Guide allows you to search for hundreds of items, from smartphones, tablets, laptops, printers to cars, lawn mowers, grills and wireless speakers! Once you find the item you’re looking for, the guide then provides you a quick but comprehensive summary of the item’s brands and models, including an overall score, price points, survey results and test results on multiple features and functions. Being a smart shopper and knowing important information about items prior to purchase will not only save you money but can help in the search for the perfect gift!

You can access Consumer Reports Buying Guide from the comfort of your home by visiting and clicking the link under the Business and Employment section. After clicking the Consumer Reports Buying Guide link, you will be taken to the EbscoHost Publication Details for “Consumer Reports Buying Guide” page. From here you can click “Search within this publication” to begin your research!

Written by Emily Sexton
Public Relations Specialist