This Father’s Day, we are celebrating some fathers, and grandfathers, from Boone County who can be found in our Local History collection.
Beemon Family
The Beemons moved to Boone County in 1811, after migrating from Virginia. The family has donated many photos to the Local History Department, so we had plenty to choose from!
In these pictures, we see Bob Beemon as a baby with his father and “Grandad,” and later as an adolescent in Devou Park in Covington. We also see Bob and his father celebrating high school graduation.


Collins Family
These photographs of the Collins Family come from our Connersville collection. Many African-Americans in Boone County had migrated to Connersville in Fayette County, Indiana, by 1900 because of the better economic opportunities offered there (more about Connersville here). These pictures give us a perspective into the lives of African-Americans in this era, as well as the other migrating families who trace their roots to Boone County.
Here, we see Isabelle Collins as a child with her father, Clarence Collins. In one picture, they pose for a portrait on their porch, and in another, Clarence takes a young Isabelle for a stroll outside. We also see a grown-up Isabelle posing with her Grandpa Collins.


Kinman Family
In 2008, Kim Kinman gave an oral history interview with the Local History Department. His stories demonstrate Boone County’s legacy as an agricultural area, as he talks about his family farm, which was passed down through the generations. Kim Kinman’s father, Byron Kinman, was also a significant figure in Boone County, acting as Sheriff for four years, during which time he continued to farm.

His father’s experiences and stories are an important part of the interview. In one story, his father talked about how his family used to store meat in the age before refrigeration: by hanging it up in the barn during the winter! In another story, one to illustrate the dangers of working on a farm, Kinman recounts how his father’s pants got stuck in the corn picker: “[I]f he’d had, he’d had bluejeans or something on, it probably would have got him. But he had thin pants, and it ripped–he comes home with, in his underwear one day.” In the transcript, you can see how amused Kinman is as he recounts this story!
You can listen to the full Oral History here, or read the transcript here.
What about your family?
Local History has genealogy resources you can use to look up your father or your great-great-great grandfather! You can find military records, or look at pictures of your ancestors from their day.

And, if you remember any of these things, like Boone County High School’s graduation or your family’s farm, comment below and tell us about it!
Kelly Bilz is a Local History Associate in Boone County Public Library’s Local History Department.