Boone County Public Library’s Sensory Room at the Main Library in Burlington is now open!

The Sensory Room is a specially designed room that offers calming activities, tactile manipulatives, and therapeutic equipment. The room allows customers to extend their stay at the library in an inclusive space that accommodates sensory needs.

Libraries are spaces meant to serve and accommodate the needs of all community members. The Sensory Room helps individuals regulate their sensory experiences, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve their overall well-being.  Having sensory options in the library enhances its inclusivity and accessibility, and provides a valuable resource for individuals who may otherwise feel excluded or overwhelmed in a library setting.

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Who can use the Sensory Room?

The Sensory Room is open to anyone who would find it supportive.

How do Library customers use the room?

Room requests are made on a first come, first serve basis and can only be requested in-person on the day of use. Stop by the desk at the Main Library in Burlington to make your reservation.

How many people can be in the Sensory Room?

The Sensory Room can hold up to five people total at a time, or one family.

How long can I reserve the Sensory Room?

The Sensory Room can be reserved for 30 minutes. 

What if the Sensory Room is occupied when needed?

Sensory Kits are available while you wait!  The Kits include items that promote relaxation such as fidget toys and noise canceling headphones.

Plan Your Visit

To prepare for your visit to the Sensory Room, check out the Sensory Room Social Narrative and the Sensory Room Policy or visit BCPL’s website.

The Sensory Room is located at 1786 Burlington Pike in Burlington on the second floor of the Main Library.