The cardboard box of photos sitting in your basement is screaming to be digitized! And the 8 mm film, videotapes, audio cassettes, and more are demanding the same attention. BCPL is making it easy to tackle the unattended box and preserve your memories. Even better, sharing becomes effortless! 

The Media Conversion Station in the Boone Innovation Lab (BIL) at our Hebron Branch is equipped with the technology to create digital copies of a wide variety of media including the following: 

  • 8 mm or Super 8 film 
  • VHS videotapes (regular or compact) 
  • Mini DV tapes 
  • Standard 8 mm, Hi8, or Digital 8 tapes 
  • Vinyl Records 
  • Audio Cassettes 
  • Slides or Negatives 
  • Printed Photographs 
  • 3.5 inch Floppy Disks 
  • CDs or DVDs (copy and/or burn)

Things to consider

A reservation is needed to use the Media Conversion Station. Keep the following in mind when determining how much time you will need to reserve. 

  • Converting 8mm and super 8 reels can take ten times the length of the recording. For example, a three-minute film can take 30 minutes to convert. 
  • All other videotape and non-digital sound media are converted at-speed, or the exact time of the original recording. CDs or DVDs can be copied at a slightly faster speed. 
  • Only one video or sound media can be converted at a time. But slides or photos can be converted while the video or sound is converting. 

Before you arrive

Be sure to bring a flash drive or external hard drive to store your media after conversion. Typically, you will need at least 4 gb of space so we recommend 8 gb or more of capacity. If needed, an 8 gb flash drive can be purchased at the Library for $5. In addition, CDs and DVDs (without sleeves or cases) are available for $1 each. 

Boone Innovation Lab Details

Located inside the Hebron Branch, the Lab is a place to create, learn, and preserve memories. You can reserve equipment in the Lab, but always call in advance to make certain it’s open. The Library reserves the right to close the Lab on short notice. Hours vary according to staff availability. Appointments are required. For more information or to reserve your time slot, visit Boone Innovation Lab.

Boone Innovation Lab Equipment

DSLR Camera
green screen
microphones with POP filter
photo cube light set-up
media conversion station

sewing machine
quilting machine
embroidery machine

Creator Group
3D printer
poster printer

iMac with Adobe Creative Suite
Wacom tablet

Boone Innovation Lab Spotlights


3D Printing

Large Format Printer


3D Scanners and Pens