Sherri Slavey is the Human Resources Director at Boone County Public Library and has spent the last 16 years managing the training and development of BCPL’s staff in addition to finding potential employees and administering benefits. 

Recruiting applicants who have the skills needed for a position is a top priority for Sherri, but equally important is finding a candidate who also fits the culture of BCPL. As any HR expert would confirm, the most important resource of an organization is the staff, and success cannot be achieved without them. 

Sherri stays up-to-date on applicable laws regarding employment, hiring, firing, compensation, etc. She selects benefits such as healthcare, dental, vision, and retirement that create a total package for the employee. Sherri keeps an open door to welcome staff with questions or concerns.

Sherri is a true advocate of BCPL, contributes to the success of our Library and always considers what is best for the community. “I take great pride in the BCPL employees who are passionate about their work. BCPL has so much to offer the community and our staff make that happen.”

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Meet the BCPL Board of Trustees

Barbara Hill – President

Dr. Eric Jackson – Vice President

Chris Lange – Treasurer

Don Trame – Board

Emily Myers (coming soon)

Meet the BCPL Executive Director

Carrie Herrmann – Executive Director

Meet the BCPL Directors 

Jennifer Timmerman – Youth Services and Outreach Director

Sherri Slavey – Human Resources

Samantha Sizemore (coming in November)

Jennifer Gregory (coming in December)

Michael Savarino – Information Technology

Jennifer Cheek – Public Relations and Marketing (coming in February 2023)

Dawna Bach – Public Services Director

Meet the BCPL Managers 

Teresa Sayers – Collection Development Manager

Melanie Sperling – Outreach Manager (coming soon)

Rich Webster – Digital Services Branch Manager (coming soon)

Jill Frasher – Youth Services Manager (coming soon)

Anastasia Perez – Youth Services Manager (coming soon)

Karen Helmle – Page Supervisor/Public Service Associate (coming soon)