Boone County’s City of Walton is growing at a fast rate! And with the growth, our 6000 square foot building feels a little smaller each day. The only meeting room in the landlocked building holds less than 25 people and the single makeshift study room no longer meets the demands of the public.  The BCPL Board of Trustees saw the growth predictions several years ago resulting in the purchasing of land in front of the Walton Town Centre off Mary Grubbs Highway to better serve the southern portion of Boone County.

Omni Architects in Lexington, KY is the firm chosen to design the 25,000 square foot, 21st century library which is set to open in Fall 2024. During an open forum in January 2022, the firm presented images and design styles to spark ideas and develop a vision for a building that would best meet the community’s needs and help develop ideas for how the site, building form, and interior layout could be organized. After listening to all the suggestions, Omni returned in July 2022 to present 3D models, the floor plan and the site plan; they received an overwhelming response of approval. 

The front of the new building offers a more updated look with colorful slats that resemble books on a shelf. The outside walls on the V-shaped building will be made of glass allowing for natural light and daylighting technology. The outside appearance of the building will spill indoors with splashes of color through carpet designs, wall graphics, and furniture.

Following is a list of highlights, to name a few:

  • Drive-thru to pick up books
  • Outdoor courtyard
  • Amphitheater with natural incline
  • Boone Innovation Lab
  • Internet café
  • Inclusive bathroom with sensory elements and adult changing tables
  • Limited wider parking spots
  • Indoor fireplace
  • Demonstration kitchen
  • Computer desk for parent with built-in play area for child
  • Solar panels
  • Rough-ins for electric cars

The Walton Branch committee: